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Laser Quality Markings Oy (LQM) is a company based in Salo, offering laser marking services for over ten years. Our key principle is dedication to solving our customers’ problems. With over twenty years of experience, we have learned to identify the challenges and needs of the industry.

We provide solutions for even the most demanding markings in challenging conditions, such as those encountered at sea or in space.


We specialize in industrial markings and excel in executing challenging color markings. Precision, durability, and quality are the characteristics expected from us. We thrive on new challenges and continuously strive to develop our expertise with various customer products. In addition to impressive quality, we offer an environmentally friendly marking solution that requires no chemicals and will last for years.  


With our ISO9001 certification, we are committed to being a reliable partner and providing our customers with an excellent service experience. 


Weekdays 8-16

Production ordrers

Kim Nivalinna.
Kim Nivalinna


Pauli Lehtinen.
Pauli Lehtinen

Laser specialist

Julia Ruostetsaari.
Julia Ruostetsaari

Marketing Assistant

Esko Yrjölä.
Esko Yrjölä

Plastic specialist, Head Of Marketing

Hermanni Vuorisalo.
Hermanni vuorisalo

Industrial Designer


Lairolantie 3, 24910 Halikko, Finland

Laser Quality Markings Salo Oy
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